In the face of the latest events of forced displacement and massacres in sacred territories in Abya Yala.


Lajuj Tz’ikin (29 December 2021)
To the people of Ixim Ulew (Guatemala).
To the centre of Abya Yala (Central America).
To the worlds linked to the people below from the south, north, east and west of our Great Abya Yala (America).
To peoples who walk in the worlds.
With our sacred ancestral KOTZIJ linked to the ceremony that takes place today in Chiapas, with our sacred fire lit as a tribute, acknowledging the memory, the history, the blood and the womb of 56 lives that passed to the other dimension


First: 20 days after the massacre in Chiapas of 56 brothers and sisters and more than 114 wounded survivors from the centre of Abya Yala (now called Central America), mainly from Ixim Ulew (Guatemala), most of whom were from the Mayan K’iche’ people, who were trying to go north (specifically the United States), and due to what is happening in our territories: famine, droughts, impoverishment, violence, dispossession and plunder, lack of decent employment; all generated by structural violence, which is reaching a limit and can be typified as a crime against humanity provoked mainly by the policies of genocidal dispossession, state terror and scorched earth. Those responsible are not only the corporate mafias, the criminal trafficking networks that operate in the country of origin, in the transit countries, at the borders, but also the murderous extractive transnational corporations that violently enter together with governments with pacts of corruption and impunity, from the local to the international level, together with racist neoliberal policies, for the implementation of a development model of plunder, from the first genocidal patriarchal and capitalist colonisation to the present; We recall that along with these practices and since the 1996 Peace Accords, the invasive penetration of North American, Canadian, European and other companies has intensified, with the destruction of territories and native peoples and peasants, resulting in misery that leads to the desperation of families and communities

Second: Most government administrations in Central America, puppets of imperialism only serve to intensify forced and violent displacement by implementing an increasingly suffocating and terrorising militarisation as they only defend ruling classes, local elites, drug traffickers, many of them military and paramilitary. In Ixim Ulew for example, recurrent states of siege destroy family businesses, already affected by the pandemic.

Third: We recognise that migration is not a crime, it is a right, but at the same time we are clear that forced migration is not an individual or immature decision. It is imposed, we repeat, as a survival measure, which is why migration policies are terrorist expressions of governments and are also racist, neoliberal, xenophobic, systematic, cruel policies of extermination, dispossession, plunder, destruction and torture that criminalise human mobility. The migration policy systems implemented by the United States government have generated more forced displacements with greater danger from the misnamed Latin America, once again mourning and marking for life the families of people forced to flee the crisis in their communities, forcing the forced displacement (migrants) of dignified and hard-working people. As if so much pain were not enough, today these same governmental administrations, mainly migratory, are subjecting the families of the migrants to yet another torture, when 20 days after the fatality, they still do not know the identity of several of the victims. As of 21 December, only 26 bodies of the 56 people who died had been handed over to be honoured and given at least a proper burial.

Fourth: In the meantime, the government of Guatemala, with the terrible administration of Alejandro Giammatei and the Bank of Guatemala, announces to the national oligarchy of Guatemala an economic growth of 7.5%, which is higher than last year, while the Chamber of Commerce celebrates the end of the year with its criminal structures and networks, while the impoverished Maya, Garifuna, Xinca, Mestizo people suffer from impoverishment and mourning for the massacres. We call on the peoples, with whom we are intertwined for liberated territories and dignified lives, to demand that the United Nations Organisation – UN: That each of the governments involved recognise their responsibility in what has happened, that the States and international organisations attend to this phenomenon as a humanitarian crisis with an urgent territorial agenda. Without the interventionism of the United States, we do not want USAID in our territories!

Repression in El Estor (Ixim Ulew)

That as native peoples displaced by policies that obey colonialism and capitalism lived for more than 529 years, within the alternatives, we demand that the «migration» from Central America be recognised as forced displacement due to structural violence, and urgently demand dignified treatment for the survivors, justice here and now for those massacred, rapid and reliable processes of identification of the victims, to ensure that the families no longer live in the terrible limbo of not knowing whether their loved ones survived or not. Follow up on expressions of torture and prosecute the perpetrators so as not to generate regional impunity for the silences generated by terror. Urgently vindicate the rights of people to dignified asylum and refuge.

As indigenous peoples we call on each other to REMEMBER and RATIFY that:

We weave solidarity, strengthen reciprocity and support for the affected families, we are in mourning from the village to the mountain. We repudiate the governments that commit these expressions of lèse humanité, because we do not reinforce xenophobic expressions. From the communities of the original peoples we work in processes of self-determination defending the territories, despite the stigma, the criminalisation, the attacks, the violence, the assassination attempts, we have a profound model of living, our cosmogony, which links us to the elements water, earth, fire, air and the rest of the Web of Life.

In spite of the extermination policies that are being implemented, we continue to defend the mountains, we defend life, we defend water, we defend the forests, we make proposals for food sovereignty, we reinforce the importance of community health, we make proposals for community economy, we defend our sovereignty in different ways, we defend our sovereignty in different expressions such as our energy, we continue to struggle to dignify the work in our communities such as care, the sowing of the cornfield, the cultivation of our languages, the counting of time, we generate awareness to weave ourselves together as a Network of Life beyond and beyond borders.

We do not recognise as authority those who have massacred our peoples; on the contrary, we we weave collective, popular power, from below, fighting against the multiple expressions: patriarchy, colonisation, neoliberalism, capitalism, sexism, slavery, racism, human trafficking, discrimination, oligarchy, bourgeoisie, feudalism. So until the sun goes out, as long as we have community and territory, we have hope, we will continue to have dignity, we will continue to weave! Today as Mayan people, together with other peoples in movement, we thank all the expressions of reciprocity of the most humble people of Mexico, who once again embraced our displaced sisters and brothers as they have always embraced us, thank you three times for your expressions of networks, thank you for your ancestry, thank you for opening the doors of your homes, thank you for sharing food, water, blankets, and more, thank you, because that saves lives!


Council of K’iche’s Peoples, for the defence of Life, Mother Nature, Land and Territory – CPK

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